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Books for the piano technician profession. About the author of the textbooks:

Carl-Johan Forss, author of textbooks, teacher and music teacher, was born in 1939 into a family with lots of music. After a few years at see he began to study at the Piano Technician School in Stockholm and received his piano technician degree 1960. Some months later he also received his piano tuning degree at the Royal College of Music. The following year Carl-Johan married Christina. They have three boys. In 1979 Carl-Johan started working as a teacher at Rud Videregående Scool for piano technicians trained in Norway and the family moved there. 

That was how it begins with the advents of the books. In the absence of theoretical support teaching materials, Carl-Johan contacted a book publisher who was willing to produce a book of piano technician profession. Eventually five books were published. The first book took four years to write and consists of 300 pages. The books, describe below, each have their own topics: piano and grand piano repair, -adjustment, and –tuning.

The text material has been worked out together with students and tested in piano teaching techniques. Before Carl-Johan moved back to Sweden, he was promoted to lecturer in systematic education. Carl-Johan worked with piano technician training until his retirement in 2006.

Are you interested in having the books in your language, please contact author, cjf@pianomedia.se

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